Documental: Obey the Giant, The Story of Shepard Fairey

Finalmente el día de hoy salió a la luz el documental que hizo Julian Marsall acerca de los inicios de la vida de Shepard Fairey y su campaña “Obey the Giant”; si recuerdan bien, este proyecto hace poco menos de un año estuvo recaudando fondos a través de Kickstarter para finalizar el proyecto.

OBEY THE GIANT, directed by Julian Marshall, is the first narrative film about the early life of Shepard Fairey and the origin of his OBEY GIANT street art campaign.

Based on the true story of Shepard Fairey’s first act of street art, OBEY THE GIANT tells the story of a young skate punk challenging a big-city mayor and the powers-that-be at art school.

Frustrated by his inability to gain respect within the confines of art school Shepard sets out to gain notoriety and acclaim by targeting the most powerful man in Providence, former Mayor Buddy Cianci. Risking expulsion and jail time Shepard plasters Andre the Giant’s face over the image of Cianci on a campaign billboard. As word of Shepard’s prank gets out, Shepard learns that art is a weapon and attention is both a blessing and a curse.

Todavía no me he tomado 20 minutos para ver este video, pero recordando lo que pudimos ver en el trailer pinta realmente interesante.

¿Alguien ya lo vio?

Obey the Giant Movie


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